Ultimate Quilt Resize Calculator

This calculator determines how many blocks you will need to reach a desired quilt size as well as the fabric requirements.

Fabric sources for the blocks

Fabric sources would be any fabrics you plan to use in your quilt block.
Examples include:
   Denise - 2½" Strips or
   Background Yardage - 42" wide yardage.

  • Background Fabric - 42" wide yardage
  • Outer Helmet Fabric - 42" wide yardage
  • Inner Helmet Fabric - 42" wide yardage
  • Black Fabric - 42" wide yardage

Fabric pieces for the blocks

Fabric pieces would be all pieces of fabrics to be used in your quilt block that have been specified in your fabric sources.
Examples include:
   4" x 2.5" - Denise - 2½" Strips or
   6" x 4" - Background Yardage - 42" wide yardage